Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 102 - Ellis Paul - Summertime (1st Demo)

DAY 102
Ellis Paul – "Summertime (1st Demo)”

What a gorgeous song this one is. I have only heard it featured thus far on Ellis Paul’s MySpace page, but I can not wait to see what album it will be released on.

The simplicity of the piano and his vocal on this specific recording are breathtaking.

As anyone who knows me knows, Ellis is my ultimate musical hero. His talent, depth, and genuine spirit shine through in every masterpiece he creates.

You can feel and hear all that is beautiful and worth while in life through his music, this song is an incredible example of that gift he possesses. You can just feel and hear beauty, life, love, God, passion, dreams, hope, faith….. it is a real blessing to experience this man’s music.

I am SO thrilled I will be seeing him in concert in Seattle on my 30th birthday, April 27th! This will be one of the best birthday’s of my existence I am certain!

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