Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 104 - Merril Bainbridge - Song for Neen/Sleeping Dogs

DAY 104
Merril Bainbridge – "Song for Neen/Sleeping Dogs”
From "The Garden"

Technically this is a 2 song choice, however, you really can not really listen to one without the other because on the album they run together.

The lyrics are the typical sweet and pretty style I have come to expect from Merril Bainbridge, but in the “2nd half” of the song, (Sleeping Dogs), I love the way she references “I Started A Joke” by The Bee Gee’s during the song’s chorus as well. It was unexpected and it fit so well. She kinda gave it a punky/poppy vibe which was very cool.

All in all just a very fun and energetic couple of tunes that I love!!!

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