Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 143 - Korn - Ya'll Want A Single

DAY 143
Korn – "Ya'll Want A Single”
From "Take A Look In The Mirror"

Shifting gears in the biggest way for my song choice today... :P

We were visiting friends and watching Korn in concert in HDTV and this song came on and I was reminded how much I love to rock out to this track!

This song kicks your ass six ways from Sunday! It hits hard, it is unapologetic, and balls out.

A lot of people say Korn sold out... I think that is lame. They have evolved as artists, but sold out? Nah. Not in my opinion.

I think it is B.S. to say a band sold out just because they got popular with more than the underground junkies and made a success of themselves and had the guts to evolve as musicians and artists. Just my take. (Stepping down off my soap box now.)

Anyways, good stuff... check out the video if ya'll wanna see it. ;)

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