Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 201 - Steely Dan - Deacon Blues

DAY 201
Steely Dan – "Deacon Blues”
From "Aja"

This song has been running through my head for the last few days so I decided I need to pick it now because, well, if it gets stuck in your head in a good way, it must be a favorite, right? ;)

Steely Dan has such a jazzy rock vibe... very mellow and laid back... they are great to listen to when you just wanna sit back and be chill...

"Deacon Blues" has so many different shades within the song and I think that is the main attraction for me... it starts out as kind of a poppy and "unnoticeable" track, sort of generic almost, but when the chorus kicks in it just "HAS" you for the rest of the song...

I was unable to find a good performance of the song, but research it and listen... it is certainly worth while.

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