Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 236 - Maktub - Baby Can't Wait

DAY 236
Maktub – "Baby Can't Wait”
From "Khronos"

I had the day off from work and needed some energizing music. I started out listening to The Kooks, but then made my transition to my boys in Maktub directly after and it had been a bit since I listened to the full album, so I cleaned house while jamming out to this album for a good portion of the day. I adore albums that you can listen to front to back and you are actually surprised when it is over because you are loving listening so much.

"Baby Can't Wait" is a kicky fun song... it sorta reminds me of the '70's in that it has a soulfulness that really comes out as you listen to the keyboards and such.

I could not find any performances or video's for this song but I did locate the video to "Just Like Murder", (which was one of my first choices on this list actually.)

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