Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 259 - The Kooks - Do you love me still?

DAY 259
The Kooks – "Do you love me still?”
From "Inside In/Inside Out"

Ouch, missed a couple days.... had a couple shows to play and just too much going on in between to do my song pick... time to get back on track.

So, this track is interesting to me because it's a US only bonus track. That seems to be a fairly rare thing. More often you will find bonus tracks on import CD's so this is kind of a treat for the US to get the special goods so to speak.

We'll just assume that The Kooks are trying to make up for those times when we got screwed out of extra songs on the early Beatles releases. Hahaha! :)

Glenn and I listened to this whole CD on our way up to see my family for a birthday party and when this song came on I figured it was time I picked it cuz it always makes me happy to hear it.

Check out a scratchy lil recording of this song through this YouTube clip... no visuals, just audio.... ??? hmmm...

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