Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 264 - Ellis Paul - Conversation With A Ghost

DAY 264
Ellis Paul – "Conversation With A Ghost”
From "Ellis Paul - LIVE"

Sometimes I have a hard time writing something about the songs that I pick. THIS would NOT be one of those times.

This song is very personal and special to me for 1 major reason. I actually was asked BY ELLIS PAUL himself to come up on stage and sing the female harmony vocal on this song WITH HIM! Now... think of your musical hero and think of how you would feel having that person ask you out of a large crowd of people to come up and sing with them during a concert... what an honor and privilege to experience. I will never forget his words... "You have been singing with me all night and you sound wonderful, get up here and sing this with me!"... he stopped not even a quarter way through the song and the crowd cheered... it was an amazing moment...I was so taken aback and so terrified that I would do a bad job that I drug my hubby up on stage with me for moral support, but it was one of the top 10 moments in my life.

Ellis is much more than a song writer and performer. He is genuine and a story teller. He crafts beauty and life and imagination with simple words. He believes in it, he draws you into the story and the music you feel almost as if the song had been built especially for you. That is a magical thing.

"Conversation With A Ghost" is a very personal song and quite lovely.

This YouTube clip depicts the song with Susan Werner as the backing vocalist assisting, however there is a certain magnificence in this clip of Ellis performing the song on his own as well...

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