Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 307 - Genesis - That's All

DAY 307
Genesis – "That's All”
From "Genesis"

I was jamming to this song on the radio on the way home, (desperately trying to avoid Fergie whose song, "Big Girls Don't Cry", was being played on multiple stations and driving me nuts!!!!)

I love the beat right at the beginning where it draws you in and then it picks up a little and almost sounds happy ad then gets serious again. The love/hate relationship that is depicted is very relatable to all couples. There are times when we love each other so much but we get so frustrated with each other at the same time.

In all relationships there is the big BUT. As quoted in this song:

But I love you
more than I wanted to
there's no point in trying to pretend
there's been no-one who
makes me feel like you do
say we'll be together till the end

He describes being so "done" with this love interest but yet he wants her because she gives him what no one else has or can. Pretty intense really.

I really like the video too. It has some neat shots. Not too lame for 1983.

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