Friday, November 09, 2007

Day 320 - Jewel - Down So Long

DAY 320
Jewel – "Down So Long”
From "Spirit"

This song feels right to me today. It has this nice bluesy vibe that really tickles me feet. I start swaying and grooving when the track kicks in right at the 0:35 mark of the song.

No matter what people may think of Jewel, I think it is undisputed that she is a very talented lyricist. I really enjoy her writing style. It makes me think and that is rare. Hahaha... I just re-read that statement and it made me chuckle... not that THINKING is rare for me... I MEANT to that modern forms of art that actually make you think are rare... just to clarify... :P

I enjoy art in general, but especially when it is not obvious and I have to consider it and try to get to know it... if that makes sense.... Ok, I am just weird...

I really like the video too. Jewel is very beautiful in this particular video. :)

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