Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day 326 - David Perlick Molinari - Insolence and Dinner Plates

DAY 326
David Perlick Molinari – "Insolence and Dinner Plates”

Glenn introduced me to this song after he discovered it on quite some time ago. It is one of those songs that hit both he and I just right.

We both just adore this song. The arrangement is unique and is cradled in a perfectly imperfect mix. I love the vocal arrangement especially. It is very passionate. The lyrical content hooked us too when we sat down and really listened. We tend to enjoy analyzing lyrics to try and figure out where the artist was coming from. We devised that this song could have been written about a family at the dinner table. Turns out our analysis was accurate according to David Perlick Molinari's brother, Robert. Quite cool really.

This song is worth a couple hundred or more listens. It is awesome on the ears. :)Click here to hear the song. :)

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