Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day 329 - John Ondrasik - The Best

DAY 329
John Ondrasik – "The Best”
From "Everyone's Hero [SOUNDTRACK]"

So this may seem an odd choice in a way because today is my and my hubby's 12th wedding anniversary. I should probably pick a more romantic selection... something with a history for us.... which would make sense, but this choice is just right for a different reason... I just discovered it today... so I am making it a historic and monumentous selection because I had never heard it before today, our anniversary.... and it really is amazing and beautiful...

The idea behind this song is about love. A great love. To me it describes a relationship between a parent or mentor and a child... Obviously baseball being a big part of the story as well. (Which is cool because, of all sports, baseball is likely Glenn's favorite sport so there is a little more of a connection... :P)

But the story talks about how none of these experiences or victories would mean anything if you did not have that special someone to celebrate them with... that is how I feel about my Glenn.

All of the cool things I have experience are so much better because I am able to share them with him. It is like I have not fully enjoyed anything until I have shared it with him... Guess that is why we are so great together...

I love you sweetie... Happy anniversary.....

(Check out this YouTube video to hear this song. The video visuals have nothing to do with the song really. but provides a nice way for you to experience the track should you so desire to.) :D

Here are the lyrics as well.... they are so good...

What kind of day is the best kind of day?
Makes up for all of the rest of the days.
The park, the backyard, I don't care where we play.
As long as I'm with you.

Know I'll miss you deep inside.
I wish that we could go outside, to have a catch or two.

What kind of place is this strange scary place?
And who put these tears and this dirt on my face?
No matter the score or the count at the plate. I'll still be swinging for you.

'Cuz I need you in my life.
Wish that we could go outside.
Just to have a catch or two, me and you.

(doo, oh, hey love, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ooh)

What kind of love is the best kind of love?
The love above all the rest of the loves.
Take the ball, the hat, my bat and the glove.
It's a whole lot of nothing without you.

And I'll be waiting here outside.
Spring or Fall, rain or shine.
To have a catch or two.

'Cuz your kind of love is the best kind of love.
The best that love could ever do.

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