Sunday, December 09, 2007

Day 339 - Matt White - Love

DAY 339
Matt White – "Love”
From "Best Days"

Again a new song I noticed in a soundtrack... (I was watching a little bit of the movie "Little Manhattan" which was a cute little romantic comedy.) This song caught my ear immediately because it was a fun and kicky little tune.

I love listening for little gems in soundtracks... there are so many lesser known artists who have songs on TV shows and movies that you might not hear otherwise. I think a lot of them get picked up for their music because they are cheaper to pay than some better known acts and performers. But I am glad when I discover folks who tickle my ears in the happiest ways.

Matt White's voice and the arrangement make me think of Jack Johnson and John Mayer put together.

You gotta check out the video/song on this YouTube clip. This one is fun to dance all by yourself to! :D

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