Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 362 - The Bangles - Be With You

DAY 362
The Bangles - "Be With You"
From "Everything"

I have been skulking around on YouTube today as I am sick and stayed home from work today and I came across this old hit by The Bangles. My sister and I LOVED The Bangles as young teeny boppers.

The talent of The Bangles often goes unappreciated, but they were truly fantastic musicians, singers, and song writers. It was such an oddity to see 4 women who all 4 could sing very well, could write and play really well, and had a feminine rock edge that made you really respect them yet they were all really attractive.

I remember when this song came out and when the video was released I thought it was SO awesome that a drummer could sing a lead vocal and still keep everything together.
And I desperately wanted to be Michael Steele, (the bass player.) I thought she looked so cool and tough! :P

Check out the song/video on YouTube and travel back to the early '90's with me. Good times... ;)

(The Wikipedia on The Bangles is very interesting as well.)

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