Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 396 - Joe Cang - Make Love

DAY 396
Joe Cang - "Make Love"

What a crazy month it has been. I have been so lame about my top 10,000... oh well, I am starting to feel inspired again so here goes....

Glenn discovered this artist on a website called thesixtyone and I fell IN LOVE like head over heals with "Make Love." It is such a happy jazzy tune and it make me ecstatic every time it plays!

I do not know a lot about Joe Cang yet, however, I do know he was the original bass player in the '80's band Scritti Politti, which Glenn adores.. I like Scritti Politti too but Glenn LOVES them and was pretty excited to make the connection between them and Joe Cang.

This song is not on any albums that I could find just yet but is available to purchase on Amazon as and MP3 download, which I am buying today! :)

It is so incredibly cool to hear that there are still artists like Joe making music in this style!

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