Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 421 - Ida Maria - Stella

DAY 421
Ida Maria - "Stella"
From "Fortress Round My Heart"

I have been super lazy with my top 10K list but never fear, I am not finished!

So this Ida Maria CD is probably one of the best albums I have listened to in a LONG time. I love every song on the album so I am certain this will be one of MANY I choose by this awesome lady.

Stella is raw and amazing. Ida's vocals are so fierce on this track. I adore the way her vocals crack at the very end of the song.

This lady is one talented artist and one I truly hope sticks around for a good long time. She reminds me of Pat Benatar, Patti Smith from The Pretenders, and maybe even a little Kim Carnes. I love chick vocals that have that rough raspy edge!

Check out this YouTube link to watch the official video... it starts a lil slow so give it till the 30 second mark to get rolling. ;)

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