Sunday, November 05, 2006

Day 1 - Ellis Paul - Here She Is

Ellis Paul – “Here She Is”
From “Stories”

So I have decided to follow my sweet hubby, Glenn's lead and start a top 10,000 list of my favorite songs as well. Mainly cuz it is going to be a fun thing for he and I to talk about day to day, and also cuz I think it will be fun to look back on for years to come. :)

So, naturally, my first choice is an Ellis Paul song. My musical hero. The song "Here She Is" is not only one of the most well written and descriptive songs I have ever heard, but also one of the most TRULY romantic songs I have ever heard. Combine those elements with the passion of the vocal and the genius exposed in the music arrangement and you have one of my favorite songs in existence. I am a sucker for an acoustic ballad, which is no mystery. :)

This song brings special memories to me... dancing with my hubby in the living room for no reason... my hubby telling me this song reminds him of me... we girls love that mushy stuff! :)

I think this song is one of my favorites because I can relate to the story in a lot of ways... the description of the female in the song reminds you of why your significant other's imperfections are in many instances the very character flaws that make them perfect to you. THAT is a beautiful thing. :)

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RJM said...

Dear Rachel,

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Ralph Jaccodine, Manager