Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 2 - Maktub - Just Like Murder

Maktub – “Just Like Murder”
From “Khronos”

Maktub. The translation of what Maktub means? "It is written."

If you have never had the pleasure/privilege to hear this band play live or otherwise you are a musically deprived life form. :)

This Seattle born band is truly amazing, unique, and some of the most funky, soulful, ROCK I have heard in a LONG time.

The first time I heard Maktub I was at The "Pig Out In The Park" here in Spokane, WA. We caught the last 4 or 5 songs of their set and I was hooked just that quick! Not only was I mesmerized by the music and stage performance, but also by Reggie Watts ultra fantastic afro!!! We bought their CD very shortly thereafter.

I have selected Just Like Murder as my song of the day, because it was the song that really stuck out to me during the live performance and it just fits my mood today. I absolutely ADORE this track in every sense. It is another twist or outlook on the interpretation of love. It explores a much more deep almost dark side of loving someone so much you feel like you truly would die without them.

"I hope you'll stay, because when you take your love away from me, I swear, it's just like murder..." That is a POWERFUL lyric... Really think about what that means. If you have ever been truly and completely in love AND committed to another human being I know you can relate. It is not about being dependant on someone else for your happiness, or having that person right there with you all the time, but about KNOWING that the person you love will always love you back no matter how bad life gets. Feeling so strongly for another human being that you feel like your life would end without knowing they will be there. That is a mind boggling realization when you are in a relationship. That is how I interpret the song.

I love how this song starts out so quiet and small, and then it builds and builds and suddenly explodes! Just like falling in love... What really drives the song home is how Reggie's rich vocals carry the song through on the back of raw rock guitar riffs.

In my opinion, any rock album collection is severely lacking without the presence of Khronos by Maktub.

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