Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 10 - Indigo Girls - Heartache For Everyone

DAY 10
Indigo Girls– “Heartache For Everyone”
From All That We Let In

Day 10! As Glenn said to me a little earlier, welcome to the double digits!

I picked this track as Glenn and I were driving back from the Spokane Valley from visiting briefly with our friends Tony & Chris.(Two very awesome people.)

I am not really that familiar with a lot of the Indigo Girls material which I am starting to feel like is a shame as a lot of what I HAVE heard is very appealing to me.

Oddly enough I could totally see Roger Joseph Manning Jr. doing a cover of this song. It has that Imperial Drag/Jellyfish vibe going on.

This song puts such a quirky positive twist on failed relationships. It captures what all of us have or will experience (most likely) in our life time of love and heart break.

Thoughtful, intriguing, and it has a nice beat I can dance to. Works for me. ;)

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