Sunday, November 19, 2006

Day 14 - Jack Johnson - Never Know

DAY 14
Jack Johnson – “Never Know”
From In Between Dreams

So I missed yesterday’s song, and true to the unofficial rules of the quest for our top 10,000 songs I will NOT be picking two songs. No I merely have to venture my quest one day longer. Ah well… such is life.

So what to do, what to pick? I have the remedy! I must pick a song that is doubly cool! Ah ha! *LOL* Well, at least that makes me feel better about missing a day…

So I choose Never Know by Jack Johnson. I absolutely fell head over heels with this song the first time I heard it over at my friend Nelle’s place. She actually brought her copy of the CD along with her and me yesterday as we had our “girl’s day out.” As we traveled between the beauty salon, the beauty salon shop, bath & body works, and such we jammed out to the entire CD of In Between Dreams. Although I very much love everything on the disc this song really sticks out as stellar in my mind.

I think I drove Nelle crazy playing Never Know over and over again, but she loves me and understands my weird obsession with certain songs that make me insanely happy... I did the same to Glenn today with this song as we were running errands.

Oddly enough it is the actual music and arrangement in the song that romances me the most. Usually it is the lyrics that get me.

Who knew?

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