Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 23 - Devon Sproule - Plea For A Good Night's Rest

DAY 23
Devon Sproule – “Plea For A Good Night’s Rest”
From Upstate Songs

Little indie label Devon Sproule. Why this little gal is not gigantic is beyond me. Probably too talented and genuine for today’s popular music scene.

It is sad in a way that AMAZING musicians/songwriters like Devon go undiscovered by the masses, but in a way I feel like I have discovered this unknown treasure that has yet to be spoiled by the media.

I discovered Devon’s music through the almighty My Space. I took the time to go through her website. I fell in love. She is simply wonderful. Unbelievable harmonies and lyrics. Just an amazing folks/country/blue grass singer/songwriter/musician/talent. This lady covers most the bases.

My song pic for today is the very first song I heard from Devon.. My favorite line in this incredibly beautiful song is, “There is smoke to kill, mosquito’s waiting just above to drink our blood, and gas in the lamp that we light when the sun goes down. My love wakes shaking with nightmares, and the night air pulls in close around…” It goes on to lyrics just as unique and intriguing. She is truly amazing and I have every intention of collecting all of her material.

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