Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 24 - Merisan - I Don't Want To Be Your Friend

DAY 24
Merisan – “I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend”

From Merisan

Today’s choice is a fabulously romantic track by my friends Erin and Sam, as Merisan.

As we all know I think Erin is a Goddess and Sam insanely talented and wonderful as well. (Sam and Erin are also part of Tiny Robots with Ken Mahru.)

This song is such a touching love song.

My absolute favorite part is when they very deliberately sing the line, “Sitting close to me,” and the other vocal sings, “Sitting close to you.” That just grabs me for some reason. I can just envision the moments described in this song. Two friends that have always cared for each other but discover true feelings of romantic love… Ahhh... amore!

I remember when Sam and Erin were planning to sing this song together at Song Fight Live in Santa Cruz, CA., and they asked if they should sing that line the same way live and I insisted that yes they needed to cuz it was my favorite part.

When they played this track live it was just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the recording.

Hearing and seeing them perform this song together was just breath taking and stunning.

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