Sunday, December 24, 2006

Day 46 - Big Star - Thirteen

DAY 46
Big Star– “Thirteen”
From #1 Record

My song choice today is Big Star's "Thirteen.' i am rather surprised that I have not chosen this song thus far as it is certainly one of my favorite songs of all time.

My favorite line is absolutely, "Would you be an outlaw for my love..." Something very romantic and nostalgic about that lyric.

I was reminded how much I enjoy that song today while singing it with my family. The song is so simple. but so complex. I love a song that is magical without over doing it.

Glenn and I were introduced to Big Star in a round about way when we lived in Pullman, WA. I remember nights sitting by the camp fire or out by the pool and singing that song with him as well. We made our own magical memories. That is what I believe a truly amazing song is... one that provides inspiration and magic for years to come.

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