Monday, December 25, 2006

DAY 47
Atlanta Rhythm Section– “Indigo Passion”
From Underdog

I have had this song on my mind all day! Just a few nights ago Glenn and I were listening to it in his van and analyzing the lyrics and for as many times as I have heard the song I never really analyzed the lyrics.

It really is genius. The way they use colors throughout the song to describe the story, feelings, and events. It is really really neat.

I have been into this style of song all weekend. This kind of music is very therapeutic for me. “Indigo Passion” is very much in the same vein as yesterday’s pick, “Thirteen” by Big Star. Gotta love those pretty acoustic guitars.

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Quipper said...
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Quipper said...

Rachael, I stumbled across your blog today, and was intrigued by your Sweet and Raspberries posts.

Did you know the Raspberries reunited in 2005, and did a string of concerts in 2006?

I posted my own comments on Sweet here.