Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day 48 - Connie Francis - Al Di La

DAY 48
Connie Francis– “Al Di La”

Connie Francis is one of my favorite singers of all time. Ever since I was a child I can remember being in awe of her powerful vocals.

My Mom used to dance and sing Connie Francis songs when I was little. I can remember times when my Mom had her “private Mom time” and she would hang a curtain over the doorway to the living room and tell us kids to go play in our rooms for awhile and she would crank up the music and sing and dance to her music. A lot of times she would just turn on the radio, but more often she would throw on her records. Connie Francis was among her favorites.

Most assuredly this will not be the last time Connie shows up on my top 10,000 list, but this song is special because my Mom would sing it loud and clear with or without the album. I don’t know exactly why, but I always felt that Mom was happy when she sang this song in particular. My Mom has a beautiful voice, especially when she was younger she was a powerhouse vocalist. She loves singing songs that are almost operatic. She had the range to pull it off. She still does to a point. I get a lot of my natural powerful vocal ability from her I think.

The soundtrack to my life plays on…

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