Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 75 - Nelly (featuring Kelly Rowland) - Dilemma

DAY 75
Nelly (featuring Kelly Rowland) –“Dilemma”
From Nellyville

Glenn and I bought the new Karaoke Revolution American Idol PS2 game last night and this song is featured on the game.

Our friend Josh chose to sing it and he really made a good effort. That is a hard little rap flow to do. Josh pushed through and did a good job for his first time trying it. It reminded me how much I enjoy this specific song.

Nelly is probably my favorite newer hip hop rapper. I LOVE his flow and he is so smooth… I am not big on the hard core gangster rap. It just does not hit me, but this smooth rap is almost jazzy and leans more toward an R&B style…. I can really appreciate it.

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