Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 83 - Warrant - I Saw Red

DAY 83
Warrant –“I Saw Red”
From Cherry Pie

Egad! I missed my song yesterday! And so…. Enters… the BUTT ROCK!

Yes, I too was a child of the butt rock era. Let me tell you, long haired boys, in tight leather, with no regard for authority were right up my alley in my teen years. The Cherry Pie album by Warrant was one of my favorites.

I was going to pick a faster track, but I was feeling the ballads a little more tonight. I usually do. Gotta love those power ballads. :)

“I Saw Red” was one of my favorite video’s too. Not so much the acoustic version with shots of Janie Lane, (though that version is very pretty and probably my preferred version of the song itself being performed. Although, on a side note, Janie looks oddly like Goldie Hawn in this video for some odd reason?), but the full on version that was all black and white and the only color was things that were the color red. I thought that was so cool the first time I saw it.

Much like those old cherry 7UP commercials, those were rad! I remember my sister and I would record those commercials because we thought they were so cool. Funny enough re-watching those commercials I never realized Matt Leblanc from Friends fame appeared in a commercial for them! *LOL* Too funny. You learn something new every day! :)

It is funny as I re-watch Janie Lane in his pre celebrity fit club days I remember how sexy he once was before he drank himself into oblivion. So sad…

To each their own...

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