Saturday, February 17, 2007

Day 100 - Luscious Jackson - Ladyfingers

DAY 100
Luscious Jackson – "Ladyfingers”
From "Electric Honey"

I made to 100! WooHoo!!!

So today I choose one of my favorite kick ass songs!

“Ladyfingers” by Luscious Jackson is such a cool song. The beat is unique and groovy for a semi pop song and the lyrics are very well written. Mysterious enough that they leave a lot to the listener’s imagination but not over thought.

You know a band has an awesome line up when one of them was accepted as a Beastie Boy! That is just cool! (Kate Schellenbach was the ex-Beastie Boy… err uhhh… Girl… whatever…)

So sad that Luscious Jackson broke up in 2000, but they gave us some great music to treasurer forever, so ROCK ON ladies!

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Niveous said...

Congrats on reaching 100!