Monday, February 26, 2007

Day 108 - Just Feel Better - Santana (Featuring Steven Tyler)

DAY 108
Santana (Featuring Steven Tyler) – "Just Feel Better”
From "All That I Am"

The first time this song came on the radio I FELL IN LOVE! I adore Steven Tyler as it is but this track with the genius of Carlos Santana was absolutely MAGICAL for me!

It is the best kind of power ballad in my opinion. The lyrics are sung with passion and intensity. The lyrics are relatable, but not boring. And the music is just gorgeous!

When this song was initially released on the radio air waves they played it pretty often and then it just seemed to drop out of existence which was sad to me. But it will forever live on my top 10,000 list for sure!!!!

I had never seen the video until tonight. Here is a link to the video on YouTube if you'd like to see it.

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