Saturday, February 03, 2007

Day 86 - Stevie Nicks - That Made Me Stronger

DAY 86
Stevie Nicks –“That Made Me Stronger”
From Trouble In Shangri-La

I was very excited when this album was released in 2001. I had not heard any of the tracks or anything, I just knew it was a new Stevie Nicks release and she is just awesome and unique.

Most recently I saw Stevie perform with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers here in Spokane last fall. She was Stellar! The whole show was actually very very good.

I am choosing this song specifically as it is my favorite song on the album and I relate to the lyrics. Especially in the chorus where it says,

”Well you know me better than I know myself
Will you write this for me
He says no, you write your songs yourself
That made me stronger
It made me hold on to me.”

These lines remind me of Glenn and I in a way because we usually butt heads a lot when we write songs. It is not funny at the time, but usually we giggle when we look back at it… We can fight like wild cats but we make up just as passionately. I like being able to fight with him and staying just as in love with him no matter what. Hehehe.

I kind of assume Stevie must have been inspired to write this because of her past relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, since they too were songwriting partners and in a relationship at one time… but who knows.

The chorus is definitely the hook of this song for me.

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