Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day 91 - Stevie Nicks - Rooms On Fire

DAY 91
Stevie Nicks –“Rooms On Fire”
From The Other Side of the Mirror

I have been on a little bit of a Stevie Nicks kick the last little bit.

This song is one of my favorites that Stevie Nicks does. It has a nice groove and I like the way the backing vocals support the lead vocal.

The lyrics also catch my ear but the way she has arranged the lyrics catch my ear almost more than the lyrics themselves, if that makes any sense….

For example, in the very first verse she sings:

“Somewhere out in the back of your mind
Comes your real life and the life that you know
It seems like it was the creation of some of those same old things
It seemed to be the only thing left out in the light
She had trusted many
But been unfamiliar with
Almost everyone but you”

None of the lyrics technically rhyme yet it still comes together very beautifully.

Here is a link to the video for “Rooms On Fire” staring the fabulous Ms. Nicks in her big hair glory days. She looks gorgeous in this video.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

hey rachael.. nice blog. I like your taste. Stevie fan here too...recently posted her best 7 songs...(march 31st). sto pby to weigh in sometime