Sunday, March 04, 2007

Day 112 - Ellis Paul - Goodbye Hollywood

DAY 112
Ellis Paul – "Goodbye Hollywood”
From "American Jukebox Fables"

(I am editing this post just a tad bit as Glenn and I made a trip to Reno and had MAJOR internet problems so all we could literally get to was getting the song picked in the title of the post.This is also why I did not pick a song last Saturday because we could not get online at all. So frustrating. So now that we are home things are getting back to normal.)

I chose this song as we were in Reno at the time and the rhinestone suite line came into my head and it seemed appropriate.

This is the part of the chorus that came to mind:

You said, "Let's pack our boots,
our rhinestone suits and
take a walk on the wire
feel the weight of the truth
Sometimes, you gotta tear
the big top down, down
I gave the town all that I could
Say goodbye to Hollywood"

Even though the song may not be necessarily geared for the Reno/Las Vegas area it still seems fitting.

Ellis Paul is such an amazing lyricist. Even reading back on the lyrics to this song I am reminded of his greatness. Check out the official Ellis Paul website for the rest of these lyrics and many more. If you love a good story or love poetry you will not be disappointed. ;)

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