Sunday, March 25, 2007

Day 131 - feist - One Evening

DAY 131
feist – "One Evening”
From "Let It Die"

I am of a mind that eventually I may pick every song from this album on my top 10,000... seriously this album is just THAT good.

Glenn and I were doing our usual Sunday stuff... breakfast, minor errands, cleaning house, etc. And while in the car we usually spin our, affectionately nick named, "split the difference" CD's of our top 10,000 picks thus far.

Glenn picked this song on his top 10,000 awhile back and every time it comes on I love to crank it up and sing with it. Glenn does a great job on the harmonies and I have learned to sing them decently well just by listening to him and the song.

Click here to see the video. It is kind of a funny little video. The song will likely impress you more than the visuals, but it is still worth a watch and a listen. ;)

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