Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 133 - The Humblebums - Keep it to Yourself

DAY 133
The Humblebums – "Keep it to Yourself”
From "Please Sing a Song For Us... The Transatlantic Anthology"

Happy Birthday, Roymond! Roymond can be added to the list of people that are crazy enough to pick 10,000 favorite songs, and talk about them in a blog.

Glenn is excited about this Humblebums CD that arrived today. I'm happy about it too, because I like a lot of the songs also.

"Keep it to Yourself" has got to be my favorite of the bunch. The chorus is very catchy.

My mind tells me what to do
Keep it to yourself
Tell nobody else
Just how you loved her so
They don't want to know
Keep it to yourself

Also, thank you Andy! Andy started listing his choices by album title, and Glenn liked the idea so he starting doing it, and now I am too!

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