Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 194 - Seduction - Breakdown

DAY 194
Seduction – "Breakdown”
From "Nothing Matters Without Love"

Okay so it is not that I am exactly big on this "group." But this song holds happy memories for me.

I can remember singing it with my sister in our bedroom and doing the fast rap part. We knew every line! We thought we were so cool... especially since we were not really into rap... and we could do it... it made us feel a weird sense of accomplishment... well at least I think it did. :P

That is a really fun memory of she and I...

This album was released in September of 1989... man I was only 12 years old! *LOL* Good times... as always...

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1 comment:

Niveous said...

Dang. I haven't seen or heard of Seduction in ages. (Well, that's not exactly true since Idalis of Seduction is still running around) I can't believe that one of the girls in the band tried to make a Seduction comeback. What was she thinking?