Monday, July 30, 2007

240 - Antje Duvekot - Long Way

DAY 240
Antje Duvekot – "Long Way”
From "Little Peppermints"

This song by Antje Duvekot is really a fun story about her travels. What I really love is how real the lyrics sound. You can totally hear that she is drawing her inspiration from her real life experience. I love that in true folk music.

And Antje's voice is like an angel, but not in a churchy way... she has a very unique quality to her vocals... when she speaks during a live performance her voice still rings with that same unique tone... it tickles a part of your ear unlike that of the average voice... it is hard to explain...

This odd little video on YouTube features this song... it gives you a taste of the beauty of the song if you can get past the talking in the background. I recommend buying the album. Worth every penny.

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