Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 227 - Aldo Nova - Fantasy

DAY 227
Aldo Nova – "Fantasy”
From "Aldo Nova"

Now I know I lose some of my credibility for this song choice, but I had some great times rocking out to this song in my 1979 electric purple Oldsmobile Cutless Calais... I actually found this tape somewhere, (I can not even remember where I found it), and all I had was the cassette, no cover, case, nothin'.... and I just loved the opening guitar part. I don't really remember a lot of the other tracks on the album but whatever, still brought me good times and now good memories...

I am guessing this will be a hard one for some people that know me to believe I really liked this song as much as I did simply because of the massive '80's vibe and the keyboards used in the song. Hahaha :) What can I say, there are exceptions to every rule... :P

Check out the song here.

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1 comment:

C. Anne Morgan said...

You got the tape from Kenny. It was in the Ford truck when we bought it...