Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 249 - The Rewinds - Every Time

DAY 249
The Rewinds – "Every Time”
From "The Rewinds"

We have been listening to this song quite often and I just felt compelled to pick it as it has become a favorite of mine in a very short time.

The Rewinds are not a real well known band which is unfortunate because they are very good and fun to listen to.... they lean toward mellow rock which is a nice fit most of the time, at least for me...

The chorus of this song really grabs my attention... it almost has that mid '50's early '60's vibe... the drums are freakin' fun and awesome! And I really enjoy the vocal harmonies and different pitches they go to...

You can check out a different song of there's in this YouTube clip called "She's In The Movies."

If you like bands like The Kooks, Keen, My Chemical Romance, etc... you would likely enjoy these fellas...

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