Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 251 The Graces - Tomorrow

DAY 251
The Graces – "Tomorrow”
From "Perfect View"

Oh this album brings back some great memories. My sister and I really fell in love with this album when it was first released. Though few people remember this band this album really made an impact on my love for music, but especially affected my passion to find female rockers to listen to. Their voices were not the higher pitch poppy voices I was accustom to at a younger age. They had rich full tones to their vocals, they wore sexy but not revealing clothes, and they PLAYED THEIR OWN instruments! That was awesome. Now, they are/were not comparable to bands like Heart, but they packed their own special punch. They had depth and passion.

"Lay Down Your Arms" was the first track I heard, but "Tomorrow" was always my favorite. I loved the fact that all 3 women sang a verse, I love the harmonies and the lyrics. Such a gorgeous creation.

Charlotte Caffey, originally from The Go Go's, apparently formed The Graces.... the other two women in the band were Gia Ciambotti and, that bitch, Meredith Brooks. :) hehehe...

I could not find any video clips sadly, but I would highly recommend that fans of The Go Go's Heart, or The Bangles check this album out if you can find it!

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