Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 253 - Nickelback - Rock Star

DAY 253
Nickelback – "Rock Star”
From "All the Right Reasons"

I picked Kid Rock yesterday because I think I like this Nickelback song because I like "Cowboy" by Kid Rock. *LOL*

The rhythm and groove are very similar. I am NOT a big Nickelback fan.... I think they are quite talented, don't get me wrong, but so much of their music sounds the same and it just does not tickle my ear. But this song is another mover and shaker.... one of those songs you can grind to on the dance floor.

I do not care for the deep whisper voice saying crap like "So whatcha want?... "How ya gonna do it?".... yadda yada.... LAME. But I do enjoy the rest of the song, I can not help it.... I think the song is intended to be cliche and a little lame.

Either way... I have had this damn song running through my head so I figured... it was time...

You can hear the song on this fan video on YouTube or watch Nickelback sing it live on this YouTube video.

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