Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Day 267 - Patti Smith - Because The Night

DAY 267
Patti Smith – "Because The Night”
From "Easter"

Patti Smith... one of the most fantastic poets and song writers of our time. This song is such an amazing example of her talent with words.

I love that her vocals are not "perfect", I love that she feels her songs in every fiber of her body. Which, to me, makes these songs most enjoyable when she is performing them. (Check out the video to enjoy the song, check out this live performance of Patti performing the same song years later exuding just as much magnificence.)

This woman is a punk rock legend because of her passion, diversity, intelligence, and charisma.... she is the full package with out coming in a "perfect" package.

Long live talent and genuine crazy passion for art and music.

Performers like Patti remind me of what needs to be preserved in rock n' roll.

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