Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 285 - Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs - Stay

DAY 285
Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs – "Stay”
From "Dirty Dancing: Original Soundtrack "

I was listening to this song on the oldies station here in Spokane on the way home from work and have not been able to shake the vibe of the song all evening. I truly love this song.

This song was originally released as a single in 1960, (written though in 1953 for Maurice William's girlfriend by Mr. Williams), but I discovered it back in 1987 when the movie "Dirty Dancing" was released.

My Dad was SO not crazy about his kids watching this movie at the ages we were at the time, but you know how that goes... The folks try their hardest to keep their kids from questionable content but we always find a way to watch it, hear it, see it, etc... In truth the sex stuff never really seemed out of place or extreme to me even at age 10. (My Mom was very open with us about the facts of life so nakedness, sex, the human form in general was never considered nasty, ugly, taboo, or dirty... it was always just another part of life.... anyway, back to business.)

This IS a sexy little song. Short. But sexy! I heard a little factoid about the song when it was finished on the radio too which was that it is, (arguably), the shortest song on the billboard charts to ever hit #1... (I have not researched that but... whatever...)

So here is the original recording which sounds fabulous! But here is a fun little video of Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs performing the song LIVE in a much more recent setting. ;)

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