Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 291 - 2Pac - Dear Mama

DAY 291
2Pac – "Dear Mama”
From "Me Against the World"

This is an out of the ordinary choice for me. I am not a huge rap fan, but I do have an appreciation for the genre that is very sincere. I know nothing of "thug" life. I am originally an Idaho hick for cripe sake... :P Hahahaha I have knowledge of wannabe thugs. They are some funny boys.... Anyway...

Glenn and I were discussing rapper "battles". Basically a battle of words. And 2Pac came up in conversation naturally as he was a main player in the big "east coast/west coast" rivalry.

2Pac, though I may not have always agreed with his message or the lifestyle he may have promoted, I deeply respect this track of his depicting the love he had for his mother.

(Interesting fact, 2Pac's mama was a black panther.... big surprise right? *LOL*)

This is a really powerful song. The genuine and real lyrics are raw and it really draws a visual picture. Even if you did not grow up in that kind of lifestyle or neighborhood, you can still relate and you really feel the words.

This track reminds me of how no matter what kind of mistakes or garbage might have happened when you were a kid, you only have one Mama... and they did the best they could ultimately. At the very least, they gave us life...

Check out the song and video on YouTube.

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