Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 317 - Faith Hill - Breathe

DAY 317
Faith Hill – "Breathe”
From "Breathe"

Looking at my list here I was surprised that Faith Hill had not appeared yet. She is probably one of my top 10 favorite country artists of all time in truth. I admire her for more reasons than just her musical talent. She just seems like a genuine and nice person. A good wife and mother, down to Earth.... you don't get that sense about a lot of celebrities these days.

This song has such a nice mellow vibe and then bursts into a passionate display of romance and sexuality. Like I say all the time on this list, it is a track people can relate to.

Anyone who has been in a real true love situation can completely understand the intensity of the words in this song. I think that is why I connected to the lyrics so strongly.

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