Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 343 - Ellis Paul - The Dragonfly Races

DAY 343
Ellis Paul – "The Dragonfly Races”
From "The Dragonfly Races"

This one has already tickled my ears because it is just so cute and fun. Ellis just released this song/album "The Dragonfly Races" this fall and it is genius!

His idea was to write a childrens album. He would hear his daughter singing songs all the time and realized that he never heard her sing his songs. So he wrote an album that would hold the interest of children.

But as geared for children as this album is, it is a lot of fun for adults to listen to as well. It still gleams the sound and writing style of the very talented and creative Ellis Paul. I seriously question if this man is capable of writing a bad song....Granted that sounds silly, but I have yet to come across a song by Ellis Paul that I flat out dislike in any way.

This album boasts some great values and lessons for kids. A must for any parent who is a fan of folk music. :)

Check out Ellis Paul's "Dragonfly Races" MySpace for more information and to sample some great music!

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