Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 373 - Oasis - Cast No Shadow

DAY 373
Oasis - "Cast No Shadow"
From "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?"

I have been neglecting my top 10,000 the last few days... just been very busy between getting things repaired on the house, having a performance to do, visiting family, and getting automobiles repaired... a little more than the usual craziness...

So I have been meaning to pick this song for the last couple days. I really enjoy the mellow vibe of this track. Glenn and I also enjoy performing this song together. A lot of the harmonies in Oasis songs are really incredible and that is probably why we enjoy singing them so much.

Oasis is a band that had so much incredible potential but really screwed themselves because of massive ego, or so it seemed to the public eye... which was such a shame because if they could have gotten past that garbage they probably could have contributed a lot more to the music world...

Check out the song on this YouTube clip... It is really an amazing song.

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