Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 380 - America - You Can Do Magic

DAY 380
America - "You Can Do Magic"
From "A View from the Ground"

This song just popped into my head tonight and it felt right to pick it today.

I adore the band America and am surprised I have not picked more by them yet... I will be sure to rectify that going forward. ;)

Oh how I long for the day of average looking musicians who make amazing music. I so love the harmonies in this song. The arrangement is fantastic! The video is really hilarious but great at the same time. They did not have a lot to work with visually back then so they had to rely more on talent and song writing ability... it is nice to remember this kind of music. Plus I grew up on songs like this so it takes me back a lil too. ;)

Check out the Wikipedia on America (the band.) It is interesting.

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