Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 381 - Frontalittle Squad - Savings Throw

DAY 381
Frontalittle Squad - "Saving Throw"

This is my all time favorite Frontalittle (FAL) Squad track. A seriously kick ass nerdcore "rap" performed by myself and several other nerdy rappers with varying degrees of talent and ability. I think that is the draw of FAL Squad... anyone is welcome to participate regardless of ability as long as you have the drive to participate and make it fun that is all you really need.

This track is so fun because it reminds me of when I used to play D&D as a youngster. Good times... :) so many hilarious memories... I never played until I was about 15 or so... It was almost more of a creative writing game between the folks I would play with. It was just a fun time and we never took it too seriously.

I remember I was especially proud of myself on this track because I was the only female rapper, and I wrote the majority of my verse by myself. (Normally Glenn has to help me get the proper words and arrangements as my rap abilities are lacking.) :P

Everyone did awesome on this track but I have to say my cousin Jeff and my good friend Hoblit have a couple of my personal favorite verses.

Check out the FAL Squad MySpace to hear this track and several others the Squad has put together. Fun stuff...

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