Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 383 - Dreamhouse - Stay

DAY 383
Dreamhouse - "Stay"
From "Dreamhouse"

I have been a lil under the weather this past week so I have missed a lot of days on my list here... gotta get back into it... still a lil woozy but I will survive.. :P

I was going to pick this song the last time I attempted to update my list but with feeling so sick the last little bit I have not been inspired to sit upright a lot... :P I heard this song on the radio when it was new... this is just a very fun rendition of the song "Stay" originally by Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs.

It has a fun reggae beat and is just a blast to dance to! I am such a sucker for reggae... :) Any remake is usually cool by me if done in a reggae vibe. :P

Check out the song on this YouTube link... fun stuff.

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