Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 393 - The Beatles - Girl

DAY 393
The Beatles - "Girl"
From "Rubber Soul"

I have revamped my thinking on my top 10,000 and want it to feel more like a fun thing and not a chore so I will actually get to it. So I am just going to pick like I have in the past and pick whatever feels right for that day or just any random song I like just because I can.

Today is one of those days where I just thought of an artist I adore and The Beatles are an easy one because their catalog is so gigantic, I knew I would be able to pick a song in minutes.

"Girl" is actually one of my all time favorite Beatles tracks because the arrangement is unique, and the breaths that John takes while singing are so sexy and romantic in a backwards kind of dark sort of way it makes me swoon. This is one of those songs you could only dream of having inspired... it is so beautiful. That sounds strange given the content of the lyrics, but to have been able to create this kind of emotion in another person is just amazing to me...

My darling hubby actually made a cover of this song which I enjoy immensely. I can pretend he wrote and sang it for me right? ;) (I am not coy enough nor do I have enough ego to of inspired something quite like this but, again, I can pretend... hahaha...)

Click here to hear the song performed by The Beatles..... so wonderful.

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