Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 392 - The Kooks - Mr. Maker

DAY 392
The Kooks - "Mr. Maker"
From "Konk"

Back on my Kooks kick! Oh man I love this new album and Glenn pointed out today that I had not picked a song from "Konk" yet and mentioned how he had beat me to picking this track. This is definitely one of if not my absolute fav track on this new album.

I just adore the fun music The Kooks create. It is so amazingly refreshing!!! And again I have to say I adore the fact that they are average looking fellows... Again, SO refreshing.

My favorite line in this song is:

Heart beat, stay heavy
Love us all please, stay on your feet
For me, for me
Stay on your feet
For me, for me
Stay on your feet for me

I love the way he sings the lyrics in that specific portion of the song.

This song makes me HAVE to dance and feels so good in my ears and my head... :)

Check out the song here, but alos check out this live performance as well! Excellent stuff... the live performance reminds me a lot of when Glenn and I jam with friends... I adore the slightly off notes... those off notes show us no one is perfect but it is genuine and endearing to me.

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